Thursday, January 12, 2012

Plastic Shutter Painting Revisited

As I was going through my previous posts, I noticed one about painting plastic shutters.  Most of that information is still accurate, but there's more to the story now!

You can buy pre-colored shutters from most home centers and supply houses.  This is a great option if they have the color and size that's right for you.  But BEWARE!

Most of the pre-finished shutters nowadays are NOT PAINTABLE!

We had a customer bring in several packages of red shutters from Home Depot.  They weren't the "right" red, so we agreed to paint them for him along with his new front door.  We opened up the packaging, laid them out and wiped them down with our cleaner/deglosser solvent.

They were then sprayed with a really good quality 100% Acrylic Satin Exterior House Paint.  The same one we use all the time.

When we checked them the next day, they were still not dry.  This is in the middle of the Summer, they should have been BAKED by then! Same story 1 week later!

It was only then that someone read the original packaging stating they were not paintable.  Thankfully the homeowner was understanding and worked things out with Home Depot.

Here are the lessons:

1:  Read the packaging!

2:  If you want to paint your shutters a custom color, order the PAINTABLE shutters available from the factory.  You may have to wait a little while for your order arrives, but the finished product will be well worth the wait!

3:  Another option is to have your painter match the front door color to the new shutters if they all must match.

If your shutters are more than a few years old, you shouldn't have a problem with painting shutters.  Just to be sure, ALWAYS test the paint on the back side and see if it dries.

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