Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Basement Wall Painting Question:

Q: My stone basement walls are covered with a substance that looks like stucco, which is flaking off. What paint should I use after I scrape off all the paint and stucco:

A: This is a common problem with stone or block basement walls. I would guess the paint is flaking because moisture is leaching through the stone. Many places sell warer-repellent paints, but I've had good luck with UGL's Drylok. This latex waterproofing paint comes in white, but can be tinted to light colors and is relatively easy to work with. It is low odor, making in perfect for use in a basement where veltilation can be a problem. This product can also be used as a "primer" so you can paint over it with any color you like.

Drylok should be applied with a brush or a thick nap roller. It is a very thick product, so plan your product quantity accordingly. It is available at most hardware stores, paint stores and home improvement centers. Just make sure you remove all loose paint and texture before applying any finish.

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