Saturday, November 29, 2008

Window Replacement in the Winter? Are You Nuts?

No, not nuts! Winter is actually a GREAT time to replace your drafty, leaky windows.

Your windows are the number 1 source of energy loss in your home. Do your windows feel as cold as the outside? Do they constantly fog up and freeze in the winter months? Can you feel a draft? Heck, will the windows even open at all? All of these are signs that you should consider replacing the windows in your home.

But in the winter???

Certainly! The average time your home is open to the elements is less than 10 minutes. When properly planned the new window is ready to go in just shortly after the old one is removed. In about an 1 hour, you can immensely improve the efficiency of an opening. You'll get a more efficient window with double or triple pane glass, new insulation and a window that ACTUALLY WORKS!

Think of a new window that is more efficient, easy to clean and nice to look at...all in an hour or so!

There are many options for replacing your windows. There is not one window or brand that can fill every need, look and price point. These options will be covered in other posts as there's too much to fit here.

One thing is for sure: Stay away from the cheap windows! Yes, you CAN buy a window for less than $200, but that doesn't mean you SHOULD! Installing a window is a precision operation and should be done with care. Those installers are paid by the window which means: the more they install in a day, the more money they make. It just doesn't make financial sense for them to take the time to do it right.

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